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Rev. Dr. Neal Presa, moderator of the 220th General Assembly (2012) hosts a series of conferences and colloquia designed to enhance the life and ministry of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Your contributions to support and underwrite these events are most welcomed. Information about coming colloquia and conferences follows:

The Moderator’s 2nd Colloquium on Ecclesiology, December 9-11,2013, hosted by the School of Christian Vocation and Mission at Princeton Theological Seminary invites a national conversation as we consider Jesus Christ’s continual and enduring call upon the Church to be the gathered-sent community. In the midst of great, fast-paced changes happening in the PC(USA), in Christianity in general, and in society, we Presbyterians respond with restructuring and renaming committees, reconfiguring staff, or tinkering with rules, processes, and procedures. How can our starting and end points, and the journey in-between, be continually shaped and informed by a theological framework shared through the ages: whose center and circumference is the One who encounters us whenever we gather in Word and Sacrament, and wherever we are sent to live out the Gospel Monday through Saturday? This conversation will include the seminary community, invited presenters and respondents, area churches, registered participants and the Church at-large as a virtual community streamed live via the Web and a live teleconference.

The Moderator's 2nd Conversation on Unity with Difference, December 11-13, 2013, hosted by Princeton Seminary will focus on the nature of confessions and confessional authority in the Reformed traditions, generally, and specifically, how those prespectives relate to current discernment on discussions on marriage.


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